I’m going to be sharing with you where you can

Get the cheapest hosting and domain.   

Buy Domain and Hosting in 2022.

You know that if you actually want to 

buy a domain and hosting free on wordpress set

up the structure and automate your business. 

you need to have a website.

Types of domain:

  • Free domain.
  • Buy hosting.
  • Domain and hosting registration.
  • Google domains.

You need to have a blog. you’re doing whatever

Form of online business.

you’re doing that’s new Generating your cash 

 you would have seen that You know.

You own a website on the internet and you’re

Starting now definitely most times.

you don’t have that much money to start you


Actually, start out with um some tools that can be

Cost-effective right.

I’m going to be sharing with you, where you

Can get the cheapest hostname domain online.

A website where you can you know get to buy low

Your domain and also your hosting right.

You can actually make purchases for everything.

You basically need to set up your full business.

Online when it comes to your website your 

hosting And domain.

How much cost buy a domain and


The website is now so I’ll be showing you how you

Can actually get started with using Namecheap.

You can make a purchase for your hosting domain

Quite very cheaply for spending less money.

how to Buy Domain and Hosting in 2022
Buy Domain and Hosting in 2022

Website the first thing you need to do is use my 

Link to sign up,  purchase using the

Namecheap Platform right.

you’re going to see the link in the description see

the section below or you can see it on the screen.

They are giving you the best of service right that’s

actually, the cool thing because there are some as

companies that actually offer you way cheaper on

prices right.

It comes to your hosting and you know to keep it.

Your website is secured. you’re looking to make a

Purchase for your domain right.

You can do that so hosting you can see they have

The shared hosting the wordpress.

Which is the best site to buy domain and


WordPress hosting they have the email side where

You can actually you know get your custom emails

From Namecheap and use them for.

Do you know different other services that you want

Use it for and at the same time.

You know a series of security features from SSL to

Domain privacy to premium DNS to CDN VPN id


You know the public DNS right so here you there

Can see uh this is where they get you to transfer.

You don’t just need the website you need a website

You’re going to set up a funnel you might run ads

And a whole lot of other things.

I’m going over all through the website now there’s

Actually, one cool thing I love about Namecheap.

It’s all going to be positive reviews about


In further to take  Buy Domain and Hosting

The website right now is basically a form where

You could actually.

You know search for the domain want. hosting and

Also, they have a deal for dot club domains.

How to buy a domain and hosting from


cheap domain and hosting:

You have a very cheap domain and hosting service

They also give a purchase, they have and this goes

For all of the services.

They are giving you so you can actually review on 

From people.

Namecheap is basically right so from the domain.

professional emails to the security they got,

Everything covered.

How you can register your own domain.

You’ve actually used my link frankly manager.com

Namecheap, your own domain right.

We are going to be searching for a domain buy

Domain.com right.

You actually session for your domain Namecheap

quickly searches on all of the servers worldwide.

The domain that comes after the dot so it could be

Dot com.net dot ng dot whatever does it called

The top-level domain right, other Websites.

If you’re buying a domain you will be buying a

Domain for about 20 something dollars per year


If you’re buying a domain it’s needed to buy the

Hosting so let’s say the domain is your address. 

Buy a domain in the domain section there are

Several domains.

We have the wordpress hosting we have the

Reseller hosting we have the hosting.

You’re just starting out guys the shared hosting is

Very okay for you to start.

You can actually see the yearly plan, this is the

Cheapest hosting all over the world, I thought it

Was cheap.

I got that one dollar per month right, I thought it

Was very cheap others charge like three to four

Dollars per month.

There is a huge discount on the first year and you

Have to renew on the second-year right you have

To pay 1.55 per month.

I think it will save you more money. The everyday

hosting company the first year is always cheaper.

So let’s say you buy for something like a month

for the first year.   

How to buy a domain name?

The domain purchase body in the world is 

basically Right so the total cost for this domain is

43.6 and this is quite cheap.

Create an account you can create an account with

Namecheap or that’s really.

The best thing, once you create your account

Can actually know the login and you make a

Purchase for your dominant hosting right.   

you buy your domain you need to link

Hosting and your domain together and install

WordPress, hosting supports private email support.

You know my domains and my hosting. 

The question is how to Buy Domain and Hosting


Install wordpress on my site and give me access.

To my wordpress site. your access you go back

To wordpress.

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