I will teach you how to create a YouTube channel,

Do you want to create a YouTube channel but

Do not know how to start? I will give you a

Little idea. you will own create a Youtube Channel

We need to have an internet connection first.

how to create youtube channel
Create a youtube channel

Because it’s online, you can’t do it offline, you need

To have a Gmail account or an email address of


How to create a youtube channel and earn


What you will insert into your YouTube channel.

You have an internet connection, the next thing to

Do is create your Gmail account. If you already

Have an existing Gmail account on your cellphone,

I’m not suggesting creating another Gmail account

On your Google browser.

We will click the Google app. And then like me, the

Gmail account placed on my Google is existing,

Listed here, or saved. in this channel create a

Youtube Channel you will not see any sign-up

There. Those who are not that tech will be a bit


How to create a youtube channel name?

Who already have an existing account or another

Gmail account on their own cellphone, There it is,

Then look for the ‘Account and sync. It is here at

The bottom. the ‘Account and sync.

Click that ‘Add an account, then find ‘Google. That

Google, right, we will create a Gmail account. It

Is already loading.

This is what you will see on your screen, click

‘Create an account, there’s no sign-up in the

Google browser.

You need to go to accounts and sync on

Your cellphone’s settings.

You will find here the details you need to fill out.

So, I will just put my name. Put your first name.

And then your last name.

You will put here the username you want. my

Desired… username. So, the username I entered is

Available. Google already asks for a password. So,

Just put your password. This is my new Gmail

Account, you already have a Gmail account, the

The next thing to do is to connect it to our

YouTubeChannel, your Play Store, and click

How to start Youtube Channel 2022?

You will see my YouTube channel on the upper

Part, link to the Gmail account we just created. 

The pictures in the upper right corner of your

Phone, I will switch accounts.

Click the Gmail account we just created because it

It will appear automatically here on YouTube, Our

Profile picture looks like a letter, Click your profile

In the upper right corner.

I want it to be in capital letters. There you go. I

Already put my desired name on my YouTube

Channel, you can create your own YouTube

Channel. how to create a Youtube Channel.

‘Your channel.’ You can see the entire channel. it’s

New. It is empty, there’s nothing, no picture, no

The banner at the top, has no color or anything

Because it is just a new channel, you want to put

A picture on your YouTube channel, you will do

it, don’t change your profile here in the app, Rather

go to your Google browser. 

you have to go to Google Chrome and click it.

How to create a Youtube channel?

You can see my main channel above. Up there. My

YouTube channel. So, we have to switch this

account to our recently made account, I’ll make it a

desktop site.

This three-dot icon at the top and then you will

see a ‘desktop site option, click our main channel,

and then let’s click ‘Switch account again.

you will see something like a pencil. Then click that

because that will be used as our profile

picture, There’s an ‘Edit’ option there. You have to

click it. And then you will be taken to another link.

So, there will appear ‘Upload photo’


Then click ‘Upload photo.’ And then click ‘Files’ to

output all your files on your phone, then pictures

will appear, You have a profile picture now and

then just close that and go back to the website,

YouTube website here in our browser.

Alright at least you now have a new YouTube

Channel, And congratulations! You already know

how to create, it’s up to you on what kind of videos

you want to share with the viewers herein

YouTube.your own YouTube channel.

I hope we’re all going to be successful.

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