Selling your products in the amazon store, we’ll

Look at creating a seller central account listing a

Product optimizing your listings delivery options

Account. make create Amazon Account


Some of the programs that amazon has available

For sellers, often referred to fba many

Sellers use fba to ship.

Their products sponsored Products featured

offer a plus content brand Registry. start 

creating Amazon Account sellers.

how to create Amazon Account sellers
create Amazon Account sellers

How to create Amazon Account sellers?

You’ll have the information and

knowledge to list.

Your product is in the amazon store, let’s get

Started the first thing you need to do to start 

Selling in the amazon store.

To create an Account go to and 

 click sign up For your security we’ll send a one-

time password. 

To your email, this is so we can verify your email

Address enter the password that you receive in

The email, sign in to your account.

if you already Have an amazon account sign in 

using your Amazon username and password.

The secure password tips on the page to 

Assist you in setting your password. 

If you don’t have an amazon account click create

Your amazon account.

Enter your name and email and set a password

the Password must be at least six characters. 

Click next for your security we’ll send a one-time

Password to your email.

We can verify your email address enter the one-

Time password from your email when prompted

And sign in to your account.

What Amazone Account to use in other


Business and contact address phone


Chargeable credit card and identity details now

Sign in using the account information.

you’ve Just set up choose the country where your 

Business is located from the business, location

Drop down the menu and choose you.

type of business From the business type drop-

down menu.

Publicly listed business enter your business name

That you used to register with your state.

The federal government makes sure that it’s

exactly the same name that appears on your


Registration document.

If you agree with the statement I confirm my

The business location and name are correct.

I Understand that this information cannot

be Changed later select the check box.

How to get Amazon Account easily?

The statement next click the links below 

Statement to read the selling agreements and

Notices click agree and continue if you agree to.

These agreements and notices next you’ll enter

Your business information including your phone

Number it’s important to make sure this

The information is correct.

We’ll provide you with a one-time pin that you’ll

Use to confirm your phone number once you

Receive the one-time pin enter it and click verify

Remember to make sure all.

The information You’ve entered is accurate as we

may send you a Postcard with a verification code.

you may be Asked for this code at a later time

to confirm your Address enter the primary

person’s contact

Information and click next then you’ll enter your

Personal information and click save read.

Next screen if you understand the payment

Information click I understand you’ll enter your

Bank account details make sure.

Seller Account:

your seller Account name matches the name on

your bank account you’ll need to complete

this step so that, You can receive payments 

from the amazon store And to move on to the

next step of the Account Setup process.

you can always change your bank Account

details once you’ve set up your account After

this you’ll provide, the necessary identity

Verification.Store and business information

that’s requested After you register as an amazon 

seller, you’ll have access to your amazon seller

central account Seller central is your go-to 

resource for selling.

The amazon store it’s a portal to your amazon

Business and a one-stop shop for managing your

Seller account adding product information.

Making inventory updates and managing

Payments also provide lots of helpful content

About selling in the amazon store.

That you can do inside your seller central account

You can keep track of your inventory and update

Your listings from the inventory tab you can

Download custom business reports and

Bookmark the templates that you use you can use

The customer metrics tools to monitor your

Seller performance you can contact the selling

Partner support.

How to make an amazon account


Keep track of your daily sales for all the products

That you sell in the amazon store now that we’ve

Had a brief overview of seller central let’s start

Listing your product when we say listing your

The product we mean adding your product for

Sale in the amazon store after it’s listed

your product

Will appear in the product detail.

How to create Amazon Account?

In the Amazon store, you’ve seen one product

detail Pages are where customers find all of the


Information about a particular product there are

Two types of products that you can list in the

Amazon stores a product that’s already listed.

The amazon store or a new product that’s not

Listed in the amazon store let’s first add an

The existing product that requires less

information be entered into seller central

 first, go to Seller Central and click the

 menu icon then.

Hover over In the inventory, tab click add a 

The product you’ll be taken to begin adding

Products page.

The correct condition of your product so that the

The customer knows exactly what they are

Purchasing, the offer page is where you’ll

Enter the information that will appear on the

Product detail page remember.

How to make an amazon seller


They shop in the amazon store and enter your

Products offer information about the fields that

You must complete it in order to add your

product To the amazon store is highlighted

in red click Save and finish.

You’re done entering your product’s


What Amazone account same other


Your product is now listed and you’ll be able to

See your detail page in the amazon store very

Soon if you can’t find your product, you prefer

And then select the category from the results

Some categories will have a lock symbol next to

This means that you need to apply to sell

Products in those categories as certain products

Need additional approval.

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