I want to do a little bit of a session on blog traffic, everyone talks about social media to grow your blog traffic. Increase Blog Traffic Without Social Media.

how to Increase Blog Traffic Without Social Media
Increase Blog Traffic Without Social Media

Blog traffic without social media alright this is for the new blogger if you own a shop, or any other type of business and you need to grow your brand online so hopefully, this can help you.

New bloggers out there that have just started their blog or thinking about starting a blog alright, this is the first step to blogger outreach and it’s a great way to get to know.

Kinds of social media :

  •          Pinterest.
  •         Facebook.
  •         Twitter.
  •         Instagram.
  •         Quora.

The other bloggers in your niche and even in bloggers, this is a great tactic for the brand new bloggers so for the first I’d say six months of your new blog.

How can I get more traffic to my blog without social media?

blog so my suggestion is to comment on popular blogs in your niche and just other blogs, same level that are new blogs and you can find them on Pinterest.

I have a little example here of the type of comment that you should start trying to do when you visit other new blogs try to be the first comment, in this post increase blog traffic without social media connecting with that blog post.

Like organizing types of blogs and I shared my struggles or a tip, it usually prompts the blog owner to reply to you and it can start a little new blogger especially.

We have like a new product or store there are some ways you can weave in that product or in your comment.

Freelance writing business when I go to freelance writing sites or marketing sites, a freelance writer so I might casually say you know as a freelance writer.

I find that doing such-and-such works, freelance writers doing like that could help also your service-based business.

SEO friendly and monetizable blog posts, SEO tactics as far as optimizing your blog post as well as the natural SEO.

The real SEO which is basically valuable content, helped me grow my blog, and my group so I’m gonna put a link to the SEO Facebook live, some great tips as well alright so that’s blog commenting.

It has helped me, traffic and it’s good for a new blogger, the next thing you want to start doing is sharing other people’s blog posts,

I will share blog other people’s blog posts, and the blog owner will notice that if you tag them on social media they’ll too see and again.

It’s that blogger outreach if someone tags my content, people’s traffic, and all that I don’t say is this a good blogger to connect with is this is that platform.

how to increase traffic on your blog?

Blog grow, people share my content, I can link to them in my blog post, sources increase blog traffic without social media equality blog posts people read blog posts.

Start structuring your blog post with the idea, many amazing blog posts on Pinterest, blog posts an ultimate guide kind of thing and eventually that will create a structure for you.

Blog traffic strategy for your new blog, in this blog post besides the ones I’m sharing with you but I thought I can instead of making this sort of.

How to quickly accelerate your blog traffic for thousands of visitors, this is a way to attract people on social media this will eventually and hopefully get enough shares, you can rank on Google.

How do I increase traffic to my blog?

New bloggers come to my posts they’ll link to this blog post in their blog and reference, and other bloggers link to you. one of my best posts, that type of content is my resource posts.

The blogger accepted it’s not a big deal, these are ways to get readers to your blog and get traffic to the blog by guest posting and popular posts on that blog.

You can start by mentioning well I have a Facebook group, my Facebook page, to get people to follow you.

Mention your blog as well alright now one of the biggest factors to traffic is an email list, your blog it’s not a high percentage.

I get replies back to my emails telling me, about my blog post, and if you look if you go to a similar web.

Type in anyone’s website you’ll get analytics for that website, a lot for SEO, and some for social here but look it for email.

This is another way you can bring traffic back to your blog all right, everyone that comes into your blog every day and signs up will have that information all right.

You want to look at the delivery ability of your email, hit the key to hitting the inbox all right, and increase blog traffic without social media you know.

I struggle with email marketing myself, my most popular posts like this one have 8,000 shares like just on Pinterest.

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