Start making money with Adsense from a

complete beginner to an expert.

Make Money With Google Adsense.

 how to make Make Money With Google Adsense
Make Money With Google Adsense

I actually have a method that’s going to help you

make money even faster, you need to know, you

can start making money with AdSense, it is one of


in this post Make Money With Google Adsense

how to make money with google


We jump into this we first need in this post

to Make Money With Google Adsense understand

what is Adsense and how does it work because

it’s been around for a while.

There are still a lot of people, who understand, how

much money you can actually make from this 

let me just show you. I’ve been spending on.

Adsense on one of my accounts with google ads

on one of my accounts just on the last day.

I spend money on Facebook ads.

These companies like coca-cola and other huge

Companies spend millions of dollars 

per year on advertising.

I will run an advert to people online which is

showing up on this website, right here.

Get Make Money With Google Adsense.

this is the money, I’ve spent on this particular ad

this is a deal.

how do you make money with google


Approval Website:

The person that owns this website is going to get

paid, they had ad on their website

they’re going to make money.

Google is going to this is the website that I was just 

used in my example and you can see these ads

showing up and if people click, this is the ad I’m

paying money to.

I put google ads on specific websites per year

the first step is simple.

All you need to do is go into google and put in

discover, google, and put in the best niche


you’ll actually find a lot of people who are already

doing this in their everyday business is good

ideas on niche websites.

I do know that these guys are making seven figures

per year with their Adsense websites.

On their website, we know that they’re actually

doing this right they have lots and lots of

little ideas.

kind of like some topic ideas, the keyword 

woodworking projects, and basketball drills.

I did is you can actually use a free tool here called

ubersuggest projects into this tool and I started to

get keyword ideas.

How can I make Google absences?

I started to get then started to kind of like just put

some random article topics here.

your niche into this ubersuggest tool it’s free to

use and gives you keyword ideas, we have the 

woodworking projects sell you’ll notice on

the right here.

it says SEO difficulty is yellow which means around

about medium to kind of hard the keyword 

the difficulty is all green so essentially this is going

to be easy to rank for now.

you’re going to rank you are going to have to put a

little bit of work, these specific keywords, for these

keywords here.

you want to actually target keywords that they have

a CPC cost per click.

if there’s no cost per click it means nobody’s

actually advertising on these keywords.

make really good content and to do that

use ubersuggest, the best thing I can tell

you about niche research is I can’t tell you exactly

what to go and target.

can you make money with google


Theme Website:

it’s a little bit hard to rank, but it’s much

more enjoyable for you if you have trouble

Find a niche just go to google.

If you want to start a simple website, we call

a host to host the website at it’s going to cost you 

around two to three dollars per month.

you can simply you’ve started your website you

need to upload a theme I suggest two themes, you a

little bit money specifically designed for AdSense 


it’s your content’s just not going to rank as simple,

an article that’s under 1250 words long and we

very rarely do an article that’s over 2500 for

this little mini AdSense.

we’ve ranked websites just of these factors

alone, my websites here I’m going to probably

blank out some information, I will tell you.

you know we want to get the traffic first, I do want

to show you the calculator that I didn’t actually

showyou before so to sign up to google all you want

to do is put in the google AdSense search bar.

This website we’re easily going to be getting it to

 we’ve only done eight the

article Make Money With Google Adsense.

we’re already at 60 visits per day and this is going

to keep growing even with those 55 articles.

you can just put in your the country, per year of the

specific views it comes to content.

titles are very important and the topics this,

the website says medicine this is an alternative to

google ads.

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