I’m going to show you how to rank for a local

keyword, actually going to take an actual

a business that’s currently ranking for that

keyword, they can improve their SEO performance

and ultimately get to the first page of google rank.

in this blog Rank in Google SEO blog.

how to Rank in Google SEO in blog
Rank in Google SEO in blog

We’re going to improve the performance for this

specific keyword, what is google showing us and

this is important because you always want to

manually analyze the search results because

sometimes you can get some really good.

How to Rank in Google SEO in bloggers?

I see that Google is showing a local pack,

I’m going to be focusing on the organic

results not so much the local pack but with that

said if we wanted to dominate in both the organic

and the local pack we can see right away it’s going

to be very challenging. 

We have this competitor here who has a very large

number of reviews and they also have a very high

rating okay so 500 reviews 5.9 ratings and they

also have a very keyword-rich domain, you know

they’re also ranking here in the organic results as


You know they do have a lot of reviews but most

of them are not super good so in 3.7 and then

here we have a 2.0.

How to top google search results?

I would obviously get an exact match domain or a

very close keyword-rich domain and then I would

just get some reviews and get a lot of six-star two

star reviews. in this question Rank in Google SEO

in blog.

Rank organically it’s a little different strategy a

little more challenging and so we can see right

away the first two results using keyword rich

domains. these really keyword-rich domains

performing exceptionally well on the local level.

to create some additional supporting content

these are things you need to be taking note of

because this is all very very important we keep

growing down here.

Google for this keyword, they’ve placed the

keywords in the most critical spots so remember

the key we’re trying to rank for here, show up in

the title so that’s the first strike then right here.


This is perfect this is exactly what it should be but

then there’s a slight challenge with this

description I personally think that we should not

have a phone number in a meta description or in

a title and the reason is straightforward from an

SEO perspective one of the most important

 things are that we get  organic ctr

 is an actual,

ranking factor. Google will push you down those

results and put someone else there to see if that

the result gets better ctr and so this is a big big

mistake. really important so and then also

looking at the URL structure.

How does Google search ranking work?

This URL I really wanted to be very clear that is

the keyword we’re trying to rank for and I want

to have no ambiguity and the truth is the better

you optimize this page, you’re going to need and

that’s really the goal.

Some basic on-page changes now looking through

here optimize the title and optimize a meta


obviously, optimize the URL and then what we

want to do is I want to go and look at the

headings, the primary keyword in the h1 which is

exactly where it needs to be so all they need to do

in this case, is just switch these you know instead

of having this keyword.

Some sort of variation of that primary keyword so

in this case, we’ll look under here under related

keywords and see if we can find some sort of

variation to include, we put a slight variation just

to ultimately capture more organic traffic for this

keyword. in this website Rank in Google SEO in

blog keywords in the most prominent spots the

most important spots on the page so that is like

the bare minimum to rank, how well this page


and we want to see that it loads as fast if not

faster than the competitors.

You know sitting about number 30 for this

keyword about a 55 score on their optimization.

you know surfer has their own proprietary

crawling where they can go and measure links

and that’s what this scoring mechanism, there is

one here that has it has a domain score two so it’s

a little bit stronger but for the most part we’re

really dealing with low-authority websites so

these will be very easy to beat it will not be

difficult. we have really strong on-page

optimization and strong content.

We want to get this you know we want to improve

this gets to at least an 85 ideally get up you know

above a 90.

you can mark that off the list as far as

optimization variables and then we’ll go back to

desktop is looking good this is terrific so nothing

I wouldn’t change anything on this front.

I would work to improve the mobile experience

and the loading speed is critical especially

because they’re probably getting a good amount

of mobile traffic now you would need to go into

google analytics to see the distribution of mobile

traffic versus desktop traffic.

How to rank in google forms?

You should always optimize these two versions

of the site to the best of your ability now we’ll go

back here and look at the surfer report so we’ll go

to audit.

We put a thousand words of the content we know

where we have more content than every all the

top five competitors, the bottom and it looks like

surfer claims, they’re loading at the speed, they

should and that’s fine this might be this might be

on the desktop on mobile we know based on page

speed insights.

They’re not executing SEO super well so just use

your best judgment here, the primary spots it

needs to be the title the description the URL the

h1 the h2.

That is pretty much it for content and on-page

SEO,  we basically need nothing so one

really strong link with a really strong, you just need a

really strong link to push it forward.

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