Google Trends Research Keywords

How to use Google Trends a free tool that will

allow you to do market research in about three

different ways.

How to use Google Trends Research Keywords
Google Trends Research Keywords

beneficial to your business, into the tool, I want to

Share a little idea or a little insight, people don’t do

the research means is you have an

opportunity to be a little bit more strategic than

your competitors by doing the research.

In this post Google Trends Research Keywords.

an incredible amount of time in research tools

from this tool for keyword research etc and other

research tools, I really get value in further

understanding my audience needs their desires

one of the big keys here is desire is not something.

how to use google trends for keyword


our target market and our audience through

research this is a big deal even if you think you

understand, how to use the Google Trends tool, I

mentioned there are two key ways, you can use this

tool number one if you’re just getting started, you

need to do your build your site in your

authority site.

better chance of being kind of trending upwards

over time the second way this works is for your

content marketing, blogging you can really learn a

a lot of new topic ideas and other kinds of subtopic

ideas for your main posts by going to this tool, you

new keyword ideas as well so it can help out with

keyword research.

you’ve built an audience and now you want to

create a product for them, this will help you

identify what topics are trending within the kind

of the mass consciousness of your audience all

right tool right.

How to get traffic by Google Trends?

Kind of get started to get here you simply go to forward slashTrends, we want to use

the explore topics feature up top but real quick

just. you know it has the opportunity for you to

choosewhat the country you’re in it picks this

websiteGoogle TrendsResearch Keywords.

All categories so if you want to really make sure

that you’re focusing on a specific category, I’m

trying to get as many different ideas and new ideas,

this is kind of it started as a little bit.

some research in other videos keyword research

videos and it turns out there actually is potential,

the big sort of the big graph you get right off the

the bat is the interest over time it defaults to


I wanted to put it to Canada only then it defaults to

the past twelve months and again all categories as

based on the web searches.

it’s trending now let’s zoom out to the six-year

mark and see what it looks like and over the course

ofthe six-year. there is actually a very drastic

increase in the search volume.

where does google trends data come


we’re able to compare that keyword phrase

withother keyword phrases and the tool gives us

moredata which I’ll cover in the future, the different

phrases to get going because this is really powerful.

get a little bit cleaner data a little bit easier to look

As you can see clearly, there are a lot more people

searching for food, food actually is it higher lower

we’re up the lowest food is now yellow it gives

you the color up on the search.

a little bit of each but honestly the data is kind of

pointing, double the volume of searches for food

thenfood really impressive numbers, you want to

startover you just click in the Google Trends click

On the icon there logo up top, marketing space

and the education space around Bitcoin.

these are the kinds of perspective items were able

to get from this tool, how to get the new relevant

topicideas and keyword ideas so when you go

belowthegraph it gives you the map of the different

regionsthat have interest.In this cataloger Google

Trends Research Keywords google trends.

Their countries are actually represented

here very interesting data will help you

understand where  people searching for you, when I

go to thievery the bottom, you can see the

interestover time for Bitcoin.

we have the related topics, we have the related

queries the related topics are broader more general

the related queries are like the related search

terms that Google finds when people search

Bitcoinorwebsite, and food.

the top most searches work it down this is an

opportunity for you to understand what’s rising

and what’s potentially trending because as a

content creator.

people being of service to the audience looking for

that trending topic is much smaller a perfect, I

reviewed and showed the new Facebook ad

platform integration.

How to use google trends for youtube?

you’re able to go through here on the related topics

you can see iota ripple these are another kind of

cryptocurrencies you can see the future contracts

as a topic people are interested in a crash is people

are searching for a lot interesting these are topic

ideas are Bitcoin are we in an economic bubble

havethe futures contracts affected Bitcoin.

I want to see here at the bottom related topics you

can see food ketogenic diet veganism vegetarian

cuisine so Google does understand, the food about

the kind of nutritional side of paleo so these are

the new ideas.

we want to build businesses that are based on you

know have the potential for longevity and clearly,

making money online in this particular research

tool keyword research is another one the Facebook

tool the audience insights toolS.

you can see the related topics it bases is based on

rising, I want to get to work in Google Trends

Research Keywords.

you’re in the kind of niche research world right,

great opportunity for this tool, YouTube marketing

versus Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing

and in my opinion video marketing on YouTube


how to use google trends for the market


I’m wanting to create content on the topic I

want to see what the search volume looks like and it

is very clear and pretty similar right there, video

marketing actually gets greater search volume,

Facebook thru Facebook marketing onto here,

we’ve been getting more traffic from Pinterest

organically than Facebook searching Pinterest

marketing really interesting. these tools do the

research is the key.

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