Waqia karbala 10 Muharram

Today, I will tell you waqia Karbala 10

Muharram, Karbala is a painful history. Yazid is

the weapon of the tyrant, Imam Hussain is a

symbolof peace and Imam Hussain is a figure of


In this post Waqia karbala 10 Muharram.

Waqia karbala 10 Muharram
Waqia karbala 10 Muharram

Hussain IBN Ali is right and truthful, The Holy

Prophet was in sajdaand the sajda bacame so

long, Imam Hussain was sitting on the back of

the holy Prophet, Holy Prophet was prolonging

the prostration,Allahu Akbar.

what is the 10th of Muharram?

Iman Hussain once sat on the member of

the prophet, the world also saw that scene, Hussain

is sitting on the blessed shoulders of the

Prophet, and holding the hands of the Prophet.

Hazrat Umar saw it and said,  What a ride, my

dear Hussain, My Prophet smiles and says, you

see Umar riding, look at the riderAllahu Akbar.

Hazrat Osama bin Zayd, a watch of the night

passed, I had something to do with Huzur, I came

the service of the Holy Prophet, Huzoor came

and the cloak was covered, the sheet that

wascovered, Asked what was inside the cloak.

why do Sunnis fast on the 10th


Huzoor opened the cloak I saw with my own

eyes, Hazrat ImamHassan was divided from

one side and ImamHussain Rizvi from another

side, these are my sons.

These are my daughter”s sons, Allah, I love them ,

love them more, Whoever loves them, love them

too, taught their love, taught them the lesson of

love, Huzoor said that the one who loves him will

be the one who loves me.

Suffering used to make Huzoor restless, Hazrat

Imam Hussain was crying when he passes by

 Fatima”s house, Hazoor said Fatima to

Hussain quit, so you do not know, Fatima

Hussain“s crying hurts me, he did not allow 


what is the importance of Muharram 9 &


The Prophet (PBUH)knew how much Hussain

would suffer and how much pain he would go

through, and how much he will suffer.

One day the Prophet took the hands of Hazrat

Imam Hussain placed his feet on his feet, and

then he said, son, come fast,  10Muharram he put

his tongue mom Hussain”smooth, and they were

suckingthe tongue like a palm is sucked.

Hazrat Imam Hussain quenched the thirst of

Hazrat Imam Hussain by sucking his burning

saliva, that Imam Hussain should not feel thirsty


 Imam Hussain clearly refused to pledge

allegiance to Yazid, Hazrat Imam Hussain Zainab

will have to leave Madinah,zayd said, pledge

allegiance to me, I will not swear allegiance under

any circumstances, There will be a scene when

Hazrat Imam Hussain will have attended for

the last time on Roza Rasool.

Everyone in the Prophet’s family finally said

goodbye to Madinah. He left for Makkah on the

third day of the Sha” ban, Meanwhile, letters from

the people of Kufa begin to arrive.

How to Define  karbala 10 muharram?

Hazrat Imam Hussain send to Aqeel to find out the

the situation,40,000people of Kufa pray at the

handsof Hazrat Imam Hussain.

Imam Hussain puts on Ihram on 8 Dhul

Hajj, Imam Hussain proceeded towards Kufa, only

halfway to Kufa was reached, andImam Hussain

got the news that the people of Kufa

had delocalized and Aqeel was also

martyred, many people said to ImamHussain that

he should go back, but Imam Hussain thought that

no, we will go further.

Imam Hussain’s martyrdom was already known to

the Holy Prophet, Imam Hussain went ahead and

pitched a tent, in Karbala, water &food was cut off

On the seventh of Muharram, Imam Hussain is

not being given water from the canal in front of

he, the water is shut off for three days, Yazid wants

to attack on the 9th of Muharram, Imam.

Hussain said let us worship all night, Hussain

said to his companions that, if you want to

know, then go away, they are thirsty for my

blood, Imam Hussain saw that none of his

companions left him.

What is waqia karbala?

There are 72 people in Karbalaincluding women of

the family, in Karbala, The number of enemies was

thirty thousand, in this post Waqia Karbala 10

Muharram  the enemy was that I should

pledgeallegian cetoyazid, ImamHussain

said that even if I become a martyr, I will not

pledge allegiance to Yazid. in this question Waqia

karbala 10 MuharramThe morning of the 10th of

Muharramdawn, today, the time has to see the test

of prophethood, the six-month-old child

thirsty, Sakinacomes to her father and Imam

Hussain goes to water on the Euphrates. the

enemies tried the arrows and put them in the ring

to Asghar.

Asghar was martyred, and Akbar was also

martyred, Imam Hussain also brings the bodies of

nephews and nieces to the tents, brother Abbs

Now his severed arms and his body, Imam Hussain

had carried 71dead bodies to the tent, Hazrat

Zainab was very proud of her brother Imam

Hussain. Imam Hussain started to leave and said

to Hazrat Zainab that after departure.

You have to take over this responsibility, after i

leave you are to guard the veils of all the women in

the tent, ImamHussain goes towards Yazid sitting

on a horse, The army of 22thousand falls on Imam

Hussain, Imam Hussain says that you do not

Know who I am , I am the grandson of your

Prophet, when Imam Hussain attacks the Yazidi, he

kills the enemy, when arrows and spears were

showered on Imam Hussain”s revenge became

bloody, There were 122 holes in Imam Hussain”s

body, the head is in prostration and addressing.

What is karbala 10 Muharram?

Imam Hussain Allah, says, I am satisfied

with your pleasure, are you satisfied with me?

When Imam Hussain was in prostration, Yazid

severed his head from his body and stabbed

him, Imam Hussain”s head was put on his head

on the tip of a spear, Hussain”s head was cut off in

prostration, BibiZainab says that you are not

ashamed, we are the daughters of the

prophet, when the Bibi Zainab arrived in

Madinah, he visited the fasting Prophet and cried

and said, What has Yazid done to your daughters?

This was the incident of Karbala.

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