You can easily get from zero to ten thousand

Dollars per month, Digital Marketing courses

come into place, and Get contracts in place.

We want to show you some proven ways right

Get guaranteed results even if you,

Have no experience no money and you don’t

Really know the best place to get started.

I run a digital marketing agency I help real

Estate agents generate leads we brought in over

Five million dollars over the last few years.

Some of the freeways to actually go and get your

First clients and then, I’ll show you how to

Guarantee you get results for your clients now.

The best part is it doesn’t matter if you are in the

Real, I’ll show you how you can get guaranteed

Results for your digital marketing agency even if

You have absolutely zero experience.


 what is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Let’s say you’re going to work with like, I said this

Working for any industry doesn’t really matter, I

Would do I go through and post on my

Facebook profile.

Actually are real estate agents and the great thing

You can also do this over on LinkedIn, with

People that are following you on Facebook or are

Friends with you.                                                                                

They’ll start to get to know, how you can actually

Help them now.

I would go through and add people every single

Day, these are free ways to go through and get

Your first clients in the beginning when you’re

First getting started.

For example, if you are working with a surgeon

Typing surgeon near me or a surgeon in whatever

City you’re located.

Networking groups back in the day and basically

You go through and at these groups,

They have a real estate agent with me here,

Google to help grow their business.

To go through and get your first clients for

Your digital marketing agency we talked about

Facebook we talked about LinkedIn, we talked

About google youtube networking.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Specific keywords, specific very targeted views,

Google to help grow their business, you could say

Something like the best three Facebook ads.

You can go through and help them with

Their marketing and honestly, their websites

Because that is not where their expertise is.

The real sale is actually made all right so

Hopefully, you’ve got several ideas, digital

Marketing agency we talked about Facebook we

Talked about LinkedIn.

This software and so this can manage all of your

Clients any new clients, it looks like your own

Platform everything.

We’ve got membership platforms, you can go to

The template library, With your google ad account

 or Facebook ad

Account, you got all your opportunities.

It is to your own business, the website templates

That you can go through and choose from easily.

It’s a really great software to go through and start

Building and making money with your own

A digital marketing agency.

You’re going to need some type of software to

Actually, go through and make this happen to

Things really simplify your life.

This software is right here you can easily, I’ll add

A link down below in the top comment as well.

Create your own free, a lot more in-depth step-

By-step look.

I’ll show you how to guarantee you get results for

Your clients, if you’ve been following me for some

Time now,

They are willing and ready to invest in their

Business in their marketing, I want to share 

More free ways of going through, and I want to

Show you how to successfully run ad campaigns.

Local networking groups so there is a group,

Specific keywords and they can find grow my


What Digital Marketing Profitable?

The most important thing, you need to know

Digital marketing is right. The main role

The character of social media is to get the best

result possible from your digital marketing.

The biggest and most important keyword is a

Specific platform, we are talking about

Platforms like google. Youtube basically, and

other search engines.

You buy something, you are a marketer, and

Some like search engines.

Google pay-per-click ads discovery marketing,

Building allover success business, brand

Marketing awareness, you are the right tools for the

The right job, differences in marketing between

Marketing services.

You visit my youtube channel:

Link here:Ghazala cook and vlog




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